The Moondust Sonata

Movement №1:
A Hunter’s Moon

A drug that lets you see God. Imagine the possibilities …

Percival, a young Brooklyn DJ, awakens from a night of debauchery with clear instructions on how to produce moondust. He discovers that this mysterious grey powder provides the ultimate high and gives users a glimpse of the divine. After months of quietly selling it to artists, however, Percival attracts deadly attention from a gang of drug dealers. Facing threats from all sides, he decides to go public with its secrets, although to do so he must risk both, his freedom and his life.

The danger he faces pales in comparison to that caused by moondust. In a world that’s a tinderbox of smoldering conflict, moondust could be the match that ignites a global cataclysm.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller, A Hunter’s Moon the first volume of the The Moondust Sonatas takes readers on a wild ride through the underside of the city, the birth of a remarkable new drug, and an impending drug war—while raising provocative questions about spirituality and what we’re really craving. This compulsively readable novel will thrill fans of Steven King and The Da Vinci Code.

“Osi’s intricate plot will appeal to aficionados of the experimental thriller in his unusual mix of individual stories, comparable to diary entries. Presented in a fast-paced format, this riveting book is sure to capture a broad audience.”

- Julie ​Ann Charpentier, Foreword/Clarion Reviews -

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Alan Osi

Alan Osi came to Cleveland from Arlington MA. The son of civil rights activists, Osi developed an eye for spotting social tension and crafting compelling essays through storytelling from an early age.

Osi brings vivid images and characters to life through the lens of the new Black American experience. His insights into what makes people tick, our yearnings to know the unknowable, keeps readers turning the pages, while missing their train stations, and bus stops.

A product of Morehouse College, and American University in Washington DC Osi has written for several papers and e-zines prior to signing a multi-book deal with Cleveland Writers Press for The Moondust Sonatas..

I'd never tried Moondust before.  It was something new and new drugs could be real bad, but I'd known Clyde for years. We ran together, and you can only really know someone when you hustle. So I figured moondust was safe 'cause he wouldn't give me anything heavy. And I figured it was good shit because I texted but didn't hear from the dude in three weeks and when he finally got up with me, this morning, he sounded different and all he'd say was "You have to try this shit."

- A Hunter’s Moon, The Moondust Sonatas -

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